Posted by: Terry Nederveld | February 24, 2011

Lytebox Community Take Over

Folks, today I created a project on GitHub for the Lytebox code. Since it hasn’t been updated since 2007 by Markus, I figured it was time that the community take over. With the pending release of IE9 I wanted to get ahead of the game instead of finding out this code no longer works again. I will be updating my IE to 9 probably today and will start testing to make sure that the last fix I implemented still works.

I believe that we have one HUGE thing that we need to do before we can start working on enhancements or anything else. And that is:


I personally don’t have any experience with writing tests for JavaScript. So I am open to suggestions. What to use? How to do it? If you want to spear head this email me your GitHub username and I will add you as a contributor.

You can find the project at:

I look forward to working with you all on making Lytebox the best that it can be.



  1. […] Lytebox Community Take Over […]

  2. Just checking to see if you’ve tested with IE9 (only have Mac OS X and XP here). I noticed that LyteBox 3.22 is CC Attribution licensed. Your new code on Github has neither the author of LyteBox nor the original LightBox 2 project. Would hate for them not to get credit for their part.

    • I have tested with IE9 and it works well. I will check the Source, I thought I left it in. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • I have added the Original Author information back into the project. I have also added tested on IE 9.0 and IE 8.0 to the source file. Thanks, again.

  3. Works excellent, took me a while to figure it that the iframe has to have a name for the breaking out of iframe to work. Thanks for making this IE9 and FF4 compatible!

  4. When I browse my sites with IE8:
    – Lytebox v3.22 works fine on site which build in HTML 4 and badly on site witch build in XHTML 1.
    – Lytebox v3.22.1 works fine on site which build in XHTML 1 and badly on site witch build in HTML 4.

    • Please go and add a issue to the GitHub project and I will try to work it in. If you can author some pages that shows the issue, that would be much apperciated.

  5. Thanks so much for doing this! I really like Lytebox for its iframe functionality, but I was having some issues in IE9. You just saved me a lot of work!

  6. Hello
    Great works

    I have anyway problems with pictures and mapping with Ie. (fine with firefox)
    Did you try the mapping?

    • Please go to the GitHub site and report the issue. Make sure you enter a detailed description.

  7. Lytebox is great, and also very light.
    I have used your revisions in my photo-log, since your post in July 2009, and i want to say thank you for that.
    I still use lytebox in my photo-log.
    I have tested the new revision 4, from GitHub site, but I do not see any difference. Your .js was also working for me with IE8, as I had made some changes to the .css file.
    I would like to know if there is a chance to make the frame load faster in IE8, and generally load faster in all other browsers. The frame, especially in Lyteshow function (2 functions: lytebox and lyteshow) seems a little bit slow to me.

  8. – I solved the problem I had, of making lytebox loading faster by disabling animations.
    At the first lines of the code, I changed “this.doAnimations” value, from “true” to “false”.

    – Lytebox also doesn’t overlay over an embedded YouTube video. I solved this by selecting at YouTube the old embed code.
    You can see it working : lytebox and youtube videos in one page:

  9. hi… trying to get this lytebox to work on IE8 over at You can see how slow it is loading by clicking on the links near the top of the page like: “Click Here To Watch Glen’s Interview, Click Here To Watch Simon’s Interview”

  10. the tip to switch “do.animations” from true to false DOES fix the slow load… but it’s a little abrupt!

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