Posted by: Terry Nederveld | July 17, 2009

Where has technology led us?

Has it helped or hindered us? In some aspects I believe that it has hindered us. For instance, I bet if I asked my ten year old what an encyclopedia is, he will probably reply. “Is it like Wikipedia?” It is scary how dependent this new generation is on computers and the internet. Heck, I remember when there was no …

… Email, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. You had to write letters! If you were not happy with a companies product you had to actually write a letter to them. Now you can Email, Twitter, Facebook, and use MySpace to tell millions not just the company about how poor their product is. When was the last time you actually wrote a letter? Not typed it on the computer and printed it, but actually sat down and broke out a pen and some paper. I can’t even remember the last time.

… Online Stores. In order to buy something you had to actually get into the car, drive through traffic, try to find a parking spot, aimlessly wonder around the store, find the item and then deal with getting the item home and installed. Now if I want something I can go and use my favorite search engine to find the best price then click to the specific online store, find exactly what I was looking and get the item sent directly to my front door. 

… Kindle. This one kind of goes hand in hand with online stores. Before Kindle and online stores in order to get a book, you had to go to the book store. And if you didn’t want to purchase it, you could go to the library and borrow the book. If they didn’t have it at your local library, they could request it from another library in the county. Now, I can go online order a book and have it instantly delivered to my Kindle (if I had one).

…Online Banks, Bank Account Software, and Debit cards. In order to know how much money you had, you actually had to keep a register and make notes about all the purchases you did. You had an ATM card that only worked at an actual ATM. If you wanted to make a purchase you had to either use a cash, check or credit card. And get this, you had a monthly statement that was mailed to you (not emailed) that’s sole purpose what to reconcile your register. There was not software that would do it for you automatically, and the only real-time view of your accounts was that register.

Tivo or DVR. If you wanted to record a TV show, you had to break out the video tapes and program that VCR or be there when the show started. None of this setting a series to record and the machine would automatically record all the episodes. If you wanted to stay current on a show, there was some work to it.

I can’t help but feel as though these new technologies have taken away something from us and from generations to come. We used to live much simpler lives. It is funny to think that not so long ago we were all happy without these things. Now granted there are some things that have helped us, especially in the field of medicine. And for those of you that do not agree with me about how it has hindered us then you should have no problems giving them up.

I do know that this list could go on and on and on… feel free to continue the list in the comments section.



  1. Technology has helped us many ways. It is inevitable that we have to adopt to the new technologies to stay competitive. I find one main hirdrance that is the technology is constantly changing. We have to decide whether to buy now or wait for the next technological advance. It is sometimes expensive and only skilled people can use.

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